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Intercropping of cereals and grain legumes for increased production, weed control, improved product quality and prevention of N-losses in European organic farming systems

INTERCROP is a project funded by the European Community under the 5th Framework Programme of RTD, Quality of Life specific programme, Key Action 5 – Sustainable Agriculture.
The project involves Institutions in five EU countries that conduct coordinated research on Intercropping under Organic Farming conditions.

INTERCROP aims at defining intercropping strategies for sustainable plant production management in Organic Farming systems under different regional conditions in Europe. Intercropping has been neglected in research on plant production systems in temperate agricultural ecosystems, due to the complexity of these systems and because they are difficult to manage in cropping systems based on agrochemicals.
In this context, INTERCROP takes an uniquely multidisciplinary and integrated European approach to evaluate the potential as well as to be able to make recommendations for using intercropping as an environmental-friendly plant production management method in Organic Farming systems for different regional conditions.

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